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Thanks for being there! I am a first year Special Education Teacher and need(ed) many, many cards of different kinds to do discrete trials. You have saved me countless hours and the price is soooo reasonable! Thanks again - I'll be back - and send friends too! C (11/12/11)

I gave your website to everyone at my program. They love the cards so much less work. N (11/9/11)

Thanks again!!! I am very pleased with the pictures and will purchase more when I can. M (11/4/11)

Your product is wonderful Thank you so much for offering it! E (10/11/11)

I wanted to write a quick thank you, and let you know that I've been referring to your page (at in putting together some autism awareness and inclusion lesson materials for my students! There are some wonderful resources there! A (4/6/11)

Thank you so much for all that you do for parents and educators of children with autism...and for continuing to search for anything that will help their parents and teachers. C (1/26/11)

First I want to say that your site is GREAT! I love how you have the goal code and criteria listed, master list of stimuli, multiple exemplars, and clear pictures- this is wonderful! ... I am going to recommend your site to my contacts in the field. M (10/1/10)

What a great idea! Stimuli creation is often a difficult task. ... I will forward this information to all the families that we work with as a possible resource for them. N (8/26/10)


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